FREE Parking at HSCC Gallery

Map to HSCC with Nearby Parking-2

Driving Directions
From Los Angeles, CA, USA
1. I-5 South
2. Take the exit toward Coast Hwy
3.  Merge onto San Luis Rey Mission Expy
4. Turn left onto County Hwy S21/N Coast Hwy
5. Turn left onto Pier View Way, Destination will be on the right(in Artist Alley)
500-548 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA


Driving Directions
From San Diego, CA, USA
1. I-5 North
2. Exit onto Mission Ave toward Downtown
3. Turn right onto N Freeman St
4. Turn left onto Pier View Way
212 Artist Alley, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA

Part III Celebrate : Grand Supper Podcast episode 5, Rock n Roll Day Dream Tour


The Hill Street Country Club presents Supper Club Artist Project EDUCATE|APPRECIATE| CELEBRATE A Three-Part Series Providing Community Education & Involvement in the arts.

Part III Celebrate : Grand Supper Podcast episode 5, Rock n Roll Day Dream Tour

When: Friday, March 13th 2014 at 7:00pm

Guest Artist: Ashley Gallagher

CELEBRATE The Hill Street Country (HSCC) Gallery’s Exhibit, Rock n Roll Day Dream Tour, closing by joining us at The HSCC Gallery for a potluck podcast supper while conversing together on art topics and practices happening in our diverse community. Guest Dishes provided by our local chef sponsors Collective potluck dishes provided by YOU , our community. So, bring your best dish and opinion to the table.

Don’t Forget to Bring a Plate , Side Dish and Your Opinion.

Please RSVP

Good Times,


EDUCATE| Supper Club Workshop




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Supper Club Artist Project : EDUCATE

A free open to the public workshop lead by current HSCC’s exhibition artist Ashely Gallagher. Gallagher draws inspiration from rock n’ roll music translating song lyrics into incredible oil portrait paintings. This workshop will allow participants to take a closer look at Gallagher’s technique and gain a better understand of how to work with color acrylic paint. Learn how to mix up the perfect indigo blue paired up against a soft nude skin tone with an electric red bowie bolt across the eyes.
This workshop is free and all materials will be provided. We ask participants to please bring a copy of their own photograph to work from during this workshop.

5.00 donations are appreciated.


Ashley Gallagher|Rock n’ Roll Day Dream Tour





A child of rock n’ roll and pop culture, Ashley Gallagher places her focus on the icons that have molded what the arts are today.  Gallagher  graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts in 2007. With vibrant and fantastic colors reminiscent of her native San Diego, she brings her rock n’ roll daydreams to life. Using her friends as models, Ashley takes inspiration from song lyrics to create bright and saturated works of rock n’ roll nostalgia through her favorite medium of oil paint. Her work is energetic, fun and electric… so forget about your troubles, and lose yourself in a rock n’ roll daydream.

“Riding my bike along the North County San Diego coast with my headphones on, an hour will pass, 20 miles will go by, but it all seems to have only lasted a blink of an eye. We’ve all been here, where you get lost in your favorite song, by your favorite band, from your favorite album. This sense of being completely captivated by a song can give you goosebumps, leave you in a state of euphoria, and take you back to a cherished time in your past. This phenomenon of loosing yourself to music happens to me daily. My mind wanders and my imagination is on fire with these Rock n’ roll day dreams. A music video to match the tune plays in my head like a movie. The characters involved are vivid, the colors are vibrant and real time seems to stop.
Music, at moments, is my best friend, getting me through times of despair, heartache and heartbreak by simply being a support system through the trials and tribulations of what can be a sometimes difficult life. My art can be described as stills taken from the music videos that play through my mind- a literal depiction of some of my favorite song lyrics. I choose to use oil paint when creating these scenes as it seems to be the medium that can deliver the most energetic colors and moves as fluidly as my day dreams do.
In a time where technology has taken over the world, innocence seems to be lost, the airways seem to be polluted with EDM and record sales have been replaced by iTunes downloads, I hope my art can bring you to a simpler and very cool time. My goal is to evoke happiness, humor and nostalgia. Rock n’ roll isn’t dead.” – Ashley Gallaher


FREE : Train Ride and Zine Release Party at Mission Ave Bar & Grill



Throughout late fall 2014 and into early winter of 2015, The Oceanside Museum of Art’s Exploring Engagement Program has supported two unique voices in Louis Schmidt (Los Angeles) and Ben Horton (El Cajon). Taking form by way of establishing creative content via public inquiry, their projects have set out to examine Oceanside’s relationship with Regional Transportation as primary means for investigation.

Growing up in rural America, Schmidt admits his fascination with trains stems from their perceived omnipresence; the sound of their passing “heard across every inch of town, chugging their way into, out of and around the heart of the country, to destinations unknown”… Along similar lines, his wanderings have become the subject matter of a photo-book specific to San Diego while examining Oceanside as a hub. Whereby, Schmidt spent seven days in Oceanside observing every working rail-based commute imaginable himself, Horton reveals that his interest has to do with getting to know bus riders specifically; their routes as well as their stories… Here, Horton has blurred himself amongst fellow commuters—yet all the while thinking, mining, and ultimately acting out upon a wider interest in personal narratives as they relate to ideas revering what public muraling practices might put forward.

Both artists have been encouraged to pursue works that conceptually-bridge both common and unexpected experiences of daily ridership.


Please join the conversation, these ideas, and us at the events following:

1. ZINE RIDE and GUIDE with Artist, Louis Schmidt (2/21) 2pm- 5:30 @Oceanside Transit Center, 235 South Tremont St., Oceanside Ca 92054

Artist, Luis Schmidt will be our tour guide as we explore the North County, San Diego Transit System. Learn and Converse with Schmidt about his experience living in Oceanside’s Dolphin Motel and relying on Public Transportation as an Exploring Engagement Artist creating artworks in our coastal art community.  Read more about Schmidt here.

2. ZINE RELEASE PARTY (2/21) 6pm – 8pm @ Mission Ave Bar & Grill, 711 Mission Ave Oceanside, Ca 92054

Free light appetizers and drinks in celebration of Louis Schmidt’s Exploring Engagement Zine.


Free Artist Workshop|Paper Pattern Story by Bhavna Mehta

The Hill Street Country Club is bringing you a free exclusive artist workshop this February!

With the help and guidance of artist Bhavna Mehta, participants will create a journal with personal drawings, cut paper, and written pieces that illustrate their identity. Drawings of patterns from personal objects to illustrate cultural backgrounds and ideas about home and belonging will slowly fill up the journal. Bhavna will then use these ideas to create a cut paper installation at the Oceanside Museum of Art. No previous art experience necessary.

Class limited to fifteen participants.

Artist Bio:
Bhavna Mehta draws with a knife, cutting paper to tell visual stories. Her work is based on the idea that everything is connected. Starting with a single sheet of paper, she cuts out shapes to reveal the image. She was raised in India where pattern and color are part of daily life. The abundance of these memories roots her work. Whether it’s a figurative story or one inspired by a line from a song, her goal is to build a narrative with a universal theme.

Mehta has been exhibiting her work since 2009 and her work was reviewed in Art Ltd in 2013. She has engineering degrees from both India and US and worked as a software engineer for many years before turning to art. She learned paper cutting from Beatrice Coron at Penland School of Craft. She is now the Education Chair for San Diego Book Arts and teaches workshops all over San Diego County.

Here is the info about the class:
Paper Pattern Story by Bhavna Mehta

Participants will create a journal with personal drawings, cut paper, and written pieces that illustrate their identity. Drawings of patterns from personal objects to illustrate cultural backgrounds and ideas about home and belonging will slowly fill up the journal. Bhavna will then use these ideas to create a cut paper installation at the Oceanside Museum of Art. No previous art experience necessary.

Week 1: Presentation of idea and project. Bind the journal to be used in class (2/19.)
Week 2: Drawing and cutting of patterns and simple objects (2/26).




Open Reception: Rock n Roll Day Dream Tour envisioned by Ashley Gallagher

Open Reception: February 6th 2015 at 6pm

Exhibition February 6th thru March 6th

Ashley Gallagher is a native San Diego artist. She graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts in 2007. She is inspired by rock n’ roll, pop culture, and vibrant color. Using her friends as models, she is able to translate her rock n’ roll day dreams onto canvas, where she allows oil paint to tell a story that’s as fluid as her imagination. She hopes to evoke humor and nostalgia from her paintings, while also being recognized for technical skill.


Rock N' Roll tour

11/21/2014|One Night Only|TRI-X-NOISE a mobile, one-night, photo exhibit by Bill Daniel

a mobile, one-night, photo exhibit by Bill Daniel
on tour Nov-Dec 2014

Hobo filmmaker, phototramp Bill Daniel is back on the road with a pop-up photo show comprised of 30 years of 35mm photographs beginning with the early 80s punk scene in Texas, featuring all of your favorite old school punk bands. Daniel has continued to document various sub cultures using the same camera/lens/flash and Kodak Tri-X film for over 30 years. This exhibit, all non-digital darkroom prints, charts a path starting with punk shows in Austin and crawls through various subcultures, from the 90s graffiti scene in San Francisco, freight hopping scenarios, art openings in Los Angeles, house shows in Louisiana, generator shows on the Monongahela River, etc… all seen through Daniel’s signature spelunker style flash-lit vision.

These shows are all one-night pop-up site-specific events, with a free-standing (gallery) that is set up in all kinds of places— music venues, warehouses, and occasionally, galleries.

The evenings include collaborations with local sound artists/musicians.

11.19.14 San Francisco, CA
Rayko Photo Center / 428 3rd Street
Live soundtrack by Thad Povey + Mark Taylor + Octoplayer

11.20.14 Oakland, CA
LoBot Gallery / 1800 Campbell Street (West Oakland)
Live soundtrack by Kevin Thomson + National Disgrace

11.21.14 Oceanside, CA
The Hill Street Country Club / 212 N Coast Hwy (Artist Alley)
Live soundtrack by Lucio Menegon

11.22.14-11.23.14 Los Angeles, CA
Lethal Amounts Gallery / 1226 W 7th Street

11.25.14 Tucson, AZ
Cafe Aqui / 1317 S 6th Street
Live soundtrack by Oliver Ray

11.26.14 Marfa, TX
Marfa Book Company
Live soundtrack TBA

12.02.14 Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn (Red Hook) / 610 Smith Street (2nd Floor)
Live soundtrack by Ava Mendoza

12.05.14 Pittsburgh, PA
Babyland / 3577 Bethoven Street (Polish Hill)
Live soundtrack by Gina Favano + more TBA

12.06.14 Richmond, VA
Black Iris / 321 W Broad Street
Live soundtrack by TBA

12.08.14 Philadephia, PA
Space 1026 / 1026 Arch Street
Live soundtrack by Lantern

12.10.14 Cincinnati, OH
Wave Pool / 2940 Colerain Ave
Live soundtrack by Umin

12.11.14 Nashville, TN
Fort Houston / 500 Houston Street
Live soundtrack by Terrorish

12.12.14 Birmingham, AL
Mono Bham / 6 55th Place (South Birmingham)
Live soundtrack Rob Peterson + more TBA

12.13.14 Mobile, AL
Who is Bozo Texino? screening 4:15pm
The Crescent Theater / 208 Dauphin Street
Tri-X-Noise exhibit TBA

12.14.14 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Airlift (Part of the Space Rites Series)
With Taylor Shepherd’s Alter Piece

12.18.14 Dallas, TX
Ash Studios / 3203 Ash Lane
Live soundtrack TBA

12.19.14 Austin, TX
Museum of Human Achievement
Live soundtrack TBA

12.20.14 San Antonio, TX
The South Texas Popular Culture Center / 1017 E Mulberry Street
Live soundtrack TBA

5.00 ZINE WORKSHOP with Brookes Reeder

LPH ShowcardThe Hill Street Country Club is proud to present “Lunchtime Print-House Zines”, a solo exhibition of self published zines, photographs and experimental printed matter created by Brookes Reeder. This Saturaday, November 29th at 11am to 2pm @ The Hill Street Country Club Gallery. Learn from the Zine Master Reeder how to make your very own zine using your favorite or residual photos.

What is a Zine? Pronounced “zeen” , are small self published books typically made by arranging text and images onto a copy machine, then all pages are bound together with staples. Some of the first zines date back to as early as the 1920’s but became popular during the rise of punk subculture in the 1970’s. Part of a zines great aesthetic is the quality of being cheaply made yet filled with incredible creative content. Most zines are black and white copies  but you can find intricately bound, full color zines that may exceed the standard low or free pricing costs.

This is a FREE workshop and open to the public!

Participants are encouraged to bring their own photos.